Yudistira Panels High-Level Asian Summit at the AIAC

In a remarkable achievement, our Managing Partner Yudistira Adipratama S.H., LL.M represented K-CASE Lawyer as the exclusive Indonesian legal expert at the Asian International Arbitration Centre’s (AIAC) Asian Sports Alternative Dispute Resolution Summit on January 19, 2024. Serving as a panelist, Yudistira led a captivating discussion titled “Game of Strategies: The Legal Frontiers of Technology in Sports.” He was joined by Mr. Lau Kok Keng from Rajah & Tann, and Mr. Abdulrahman Majed Garoub from Garoub & Associates. Among these colleagues, Yudistira’s position is unique as Indonesia is the country with the most comprehensive regulations in esports. Not only that, Yudistira was involved in the drafting of those regulations, which allowed him to bring a perspective that no one else could have.

This unique event facilitated a comprehensive exploration of the intricate legal challenges emerging alongside technological advancements in the sports industry, with a particular focus on issues of infringement, regulation, and integrity in both traditional and esports. Yudistira’s role not only shows our dedication to excellence but also highlighted our role in shaping discussions around the legal implications of technological innovations in the dynamic world of sports. We express gratitude to AIAC for the invitation and anticipate continued engagement in advancing legal discourse in the intersection of law and sports.

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