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The ability to simplify
means to eliminate the unnecessary
so that the necessary may speak

Hans Hofmann
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We spike the Dynamic Vibe
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About Us

K-Case is a law firm based in Jakarta whose team composed by experienced lawyers for more than 10 years. Our firm developed by its dynamic lawyers who used to work at some prominent law firms in Indonesia. Since its establishment, K-Case provides both of litigation and corporate legal services.

Our litigation team has tremendous experiences from District to Supreme Court, as our corporate team has notable experiences in both of national and international companies. K-Case litigation team is familiar in handling the most challenging and unsolvable case from reputable clients, and our corporate team is well-grounded in managing transaction and corporate action for high profile companies.

We bring a rich understanding of Indonesia’s unique business and legal culture to help our clients. We understand that sometimes legal requirements may appear to complicate things when they are actually not as they appear to be. Our job is to thoroughly go through the complexity and then present a simple solution to our clients’ legal needs.