The Perfect Blend; TUKU Coffee x BLP Beauty

The Perfect Blend; TUKU Coffee x BLP BeautyWe are thrilled to inform of a groundbreaking collaboration facilitated by K-CASE Lawyer between two of our esteemed retainer clients, Toko Kopi Tuku “TUKU” and BLP Beauty. TUKU, a renowned coffee chain, and BLP Beauty, a prominent makeup manufacturing company, have joined forces to create an extraordinary line of Indonesian coffee-themed makeup products under the brand BLP x Tuku.

This collaboration showcases the innovative spirit of both companies and brings together the worlds of coffee and beauty in a unique and exciting way. By combining the passion and expertise of Kopi Tuku in delivering exceptional coffee experiences with the creativity and quality of BLP Beauty’s makeup products, the BLP x Tuku line offers a truly innovative and captivating range for the target audience who appreciate the products of both companies.

We are delighted to share that the BLP x Tuku collaboration products will be available anywhere BLP products are sold. This wide availability ensures that beauty enthusiasts and coffee lovers alike will have the opportunity to experience the harmonious blend of Indonesian coffee culture and beauty through these remarkable and one-of-a-kind makeup products.

To find out about the philosophical value that grounds this collaboration, please access the following link.

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