Spotlight on Futago’s Milestones

In this month’s update, we are delighted to shine a spotlight on PT Ryouri Karya Futago, affectionately known as “Futago,” a distinguished operator of Japanese restaurants with a strong presence throughout Jakarta. Over the past year, Futago has achieved significant milestones, including securing major partnerships with industry giants Family Mart and Food Hall, cementing their position as a leader in the culinary sector.

Throughout 2023, Futago has actively engaged with the community, participating in numerous high-profile events such as Uniqlo Fit Fest, Slowpitch, KitaFamFest, RI Fest, and Pesta Pora, showcasing their commitment to both culinary excellence and community involvement. In their pursuit of culinary innovation, Futago has recently introduced exciting new menu items, such as the Cronigiri, an inventive fusion of croissant and onigiri, delivering a delightful blend of buttery flakiness and savory filling. Additionally, their Apple Malt Shokyu, a refreshing beverage combining apple syrup, malt, and carbonated water. These new offerings have quickly gained popularity, reinforcing Futago’s reputation for both tradition and innovation in the bustling Jakarta dining scene.


Futago’s roots trace back to the shared vision and passion of three siblings of Japanese descent—Yuka, Yuki, and Kogi—who combined their love for baseball with a deep appreciation for culinary artistry. Drawing on their family’s rich heritage and entrepreneurial spirit, the trio founded Futago under the umbrella of the MAKA Group, a dynamic corporation renowned for its diverse ventures in Indonesia’s food and beverage sector.

At K-CASE Lawyer, we take immense pride in supporting Futago in their journey towards continued success, providing strategic legal counsel to navigate their expanding ventures and uphold their exceptional standards of service and innovation.

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