Our wide variety of experience in the various fields of business investment and litigation allows us to design comprehensive legal solutions to all of our clients’ needs. We offer a scope of work in certain corporate actions (merger, acquisition, spin-off) within the specified time. On litigation services, our lawyers offer full assistance in client's settlement starts from District Court to The Supreme Court.

Litigation Areas

  1. Commercial & Civil Litigation;
  2. Criminal Litigation;
  3. Administrative Court Litigation;
  4. Manpower Litigation;
  5. Constitutional Court Litigation;
  6. Bankruptcy;
  7. Class Action.

Corporate Areas

  1. Foreign and Domestic Investment;
  2. Business Starts Up;
  3. Company Establishment;
  4. Debt restructuring & Project Financing;
  5. Merger & Acquisition;
  6. Spin off;
  7. Antitrust & Competition Law.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

  1. Mediation;
  2. Negotiation;
  3. Arbitration.

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