National Esports League Successfully Concluded

In this month’s highlight, K-CASE Lawyer proudly congratulates our esteemed client, PT Garuda Produksi Kreatif “Garudaku,” on the resounding success of the 2023 National Esports League playoffs. As the official platform of the Esports Federation of Indonesia (Pengurus Besar Esports Indonesia), Garudaku has played a pivotal role in fostering the growth of esports in Indonesia. The 2023 National Esports League held in collaboration with the Esports Federation of Indonesia was announced at a press conference on June 27, 2023, and showcased Indonesia’s thriving esports community by providing an open platform for athletes and esports teams nationwide. The playoffs, held on December 1-3, witnessed intense competition among the six top teams that emerged from the Liga 1 series. These teams, namely Borneo FC, Onic Miracle, Suber 24, Team Gryffin, Pendekar Esports, and Pajajaran Esports, showcased exceptional skill and sportsmanship.

We are particularly delighted to announce that in a thrilling grand final showdown, Pajajaran Esports emerged victorious with a 3 – 1 victory against Borneo FC Esports. This success not only underscores Garudaku’s commitment to excellence but also highlights the prestigious and competitive nature of esports in Indonesia. K-CASE Lawyer remains dedicated to supporting Garudaku’s endeavors in the esports industry, and we look forward to continued success in future ventures.

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