K-CASE Lawyer’s New Alliance with Sun Lawyers LLP

In March 2024, K-CASE Lawyer made significant strides in expanding its services across Asia. A key development was the formalization of a collaboration with Sun Lawyers LLP, a prominent law firm based in Hong Kong. This strategic alliance, solidified through a virtual Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signing ceremony on March 22, 2024, marked a significant milestone for both firms. Attended by Mr. Valentino Korompis and Mr. Yudistira Adipratama from K-CASE Lawyer, and Mr. Szeto Wai Sun, Mr. Chan Wing Leung, and Mr. Fung Kin Wah from Sun Lawyers LLP, the ceremony laid the groundwork for a comprehensive partnership aimed at offering a wide range of legal solutions, including corporate, investment, and commercial transactions.

During the virtual signing ceremony, discussions centered around exploring collaborative opportunities and outlining the next steps for the partnership. Of particular interest is K-CASE Lawyer’s forthcoming trip to the Greater Bay Area, where we aim to provide valuable insights on cross-border investment, particularly focusing on Indonesia. This collaboration underscores K-CASE Lawyer’s commitment to fostering global connections and enhancing its international footprint, building upon existing partnerships in Shenzhen, Malaysia, Japan, Australia, and Thailand. As we look ahead, K-CASE Lawyer remains dedicated to delivering exceptional legal services and achieving mutually beneficial outcomes for our clients and partners alike.

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