K-CASE Lawyer Partners with Esports Legal News

We are delighted to announce a significant milestone in our journey at K-CASE Lawyer! We have entered into a partnership with Esports Legal News, a dedicated platform that provides up-to-date insights into the legal aspects of the esports industry based in Europe. The team is composed of distinguished legal practitioners namely Leonid Shmatenko, Dr Despoina Farmaki, Rodolphe R. Farrugia, and some others. This collaboration will be sure to show our commitment to advancing the field of esports law, not only in Southeast Asia, but also globally.


What You Need to Know about the Collaboration

Esports Legal News has a stellar reputation as a trusted source for the latest insights, news, and regulations related to the legal aspects of the esports industry. Their platform covers a wide range of legal categories and they delve deep into complex legal matters, offering a valuable resource for esports professionals, legal professionals, and enthusiasts alike.

Our partnership with Esports Legal News aims to bring you exclusive insights into esports law in Indonesia, as well as provide a window for the world to see into the Indonesian legal system, which has one of the most developed frameworks for esports in the world. You will soon see articles written by K-CASE Lawyer on the Esports Legal News website. This collaboration with Esports Legal News is not the first instance where we have worked in tandem with others to disseminate legal knowledge. In the past, we have successfully partnered with esteemed educational institutes such as the University of Indonesia, Universitas Parahyangan, Islamic University of Indonesia, Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia, Prasetiya Mulya University, and the Tokyo National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies. Through Esports Legal News, we endeavor to continue delivering articles that contribute to the ongoing discourse surrounding esports law in Indonesia.

For more information and to explore the content from Esports Legal News, please visit their website at Esports Legal News. Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to the remarkable insights and perspectives that this partnership will bring to the esports legal community.

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