K-CASE Ensures Fair Compensation for Hair Star Indonesia Workers

On this occasion, K-CASE Lawyer proudly emphasizes our commitment to employee rights and equitable resolutions in bankruptcy cases. Our Managing Partner, Valentino Korompis, and the rest of the curatorial team in charge of the bankruptcy estates for PT Hair Star Indonesia, successfully managed the distribution of its sales proceeds from the bankruptcy auction. The estates, comprising significant land and building assets in Pamekasan, were meticulously managed and sold to ensure a fair and transparent process.


The primary focus of this distribution was to address the outstanding wages of PT Hair Star Indonesia’s workers. At K-CASE Lawyer, we understand that employees are often the most vulnerable stakeholders in a company’s bankruptcy. Therefore, we prioritize their rights and work diligently to secure their entitlements. This successful endeavor not only highlights our legal expertise but also reflects our firm’s core values of justice and integrity, as we show our commitment to supporting workers during challenging times.

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