INDOSPEAK Facilitates High-level Bilateral Meeting

In this month’s spotlight, K-CASE Lawyer proudly showcases our esteemed client, PT Indospeak Swara Nusantara, also known as “INDOSPEAK.” Specializing in commercial, conference, and community interpreting and translation services, INDOSPEAK has played an integral role in fostering communication and relationships between Indonesian and English-speaking audiences. Notably, the company has been instrumental in supporting high-profile bilateral meetings, including those involving the Indonesian President and various cabinet ministers. For instance, in 2023 INDOSPEAK successfully facilitated interpretation in Government-to-Government (G2G) events held across three prominent Australian cities: Sydney, Brisbane, and Canberra.

This month, INDOSPEAK demonstrated its commitment to diplomatic communication by orchestrating a pivotal bilateral high-level meeting between the Deputy Indonesian Ambassador to Australia and Minister of State Apparatus Utilization and Bureaucratic Reform (“PANRB“), Abdullah Azwar Anas. This meeting, which occurred on 27 February 2024, saw productive discussions with the First Assistant Commissioner of the Australian Public Service Commission, showing INDOSPEAK’s indispensable role in international dialogue. The Ministry of PANRB oversees the implementation of bureaucratic reforms in Indonesia, and potential discussion points at the meeting might have included progress updates on ongoing initiatives and collaboration opportunities with Australia in the area of public service improvement.

Communication plays a significant role in both diplomatic ties and cross-border investment. By entrusting this important role to the right partner like INDOSPEAK, we elevate professionalism and create sound communication. K-CASE Lawyer is honored to represent such a forward-thinking and impactful client in the legal arena, and we wish INDOSPEAK even greater success in its future endeavors. If you are in need of professional interpreting and/or translation services, you can learn more about INDOSPEAK’s work through this link

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