Indicoal Group’s Subsidiary Settled its PKPU

K-CASE Lawyers successfully handled the settlement of Postponement of Debt Payment Obligations (PKPU –¬†Penundaan Kewajiban Pembayaran Utang) of PT Andhika Jaya Perkasa, a subsidiary company of Indicoal, an Indian giant mining company. PT Andhika Jaya Perkasa, has reached a successful resolution, as confirmed by the recent court decision No. 64/Pdt.Sus-PKPU/2023/PN.Niaga.Sby dated 11 July 2023. K-CASE Lawyer proudly announces the appointment of Valentino Revol Korompis, S.H., M.Kn, as the Administrator in this process. In his role, Valentino meticulously evaluated the financial and operational aspects of PT Andhika Jaya Perkasa, formulated effective strategies for debt repayment or¬†restructuring, and engaged in transparent negotiations with creditors and stakeholders. The court’s decision not only marks the conclusion of a challenging chapter for PT Andhika Jaya Perkasa but also underscores the commitment of all parties involved to a fair and just resolution.


As a key player in the coal industry, PT Andhika Jaya Perkasa’s successful resolution holds broader implications for the energy sector. Specializing in coal procurement, sale, and transportation, the company is a crucial subsidiary of PT Prima Multi Artha, a leading entity in the coal mining industry. The court decision No. 64/Pdt.Sus-PKPU/2023/PN.Niaga.Sby signals not only a financial turnaround for PT Andhika Jaya Perkasa but also a positive ripple effect on the industry, emphasizing the importance of transparent negotiations, ethical standards, and collaborative efforts in navigating complex financial challenges.



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