IKADEV Studio Empowers Future Game Developers

In the first week of May, Ikadev Studio showcased its commitment to knowledge-sharing and community engagement by collaborating with the Gamedev Community of Gadjah Mada University (UGM) to host an illuminating session on game development in Indonesia. During this event, an intern from Ikadev Studio captivated audiences with insights gleaned from the industry, shedding light on best practices, invaluable experiences, and emerging trends. This initiative not only underscores Ikadev Studio’s dedication to fostering talent but also highlights its pivotal role as a beacon of innovation in Indonesia’s burgeoning game development landscape.

Along with the above mentioned¬†update, Ikadev Studio is currently in the process of making its inaugural project, “Sunny Side Crossing,” a 2D RPG crafted with the Godot game engine. As a new and promising player in the industry, Ikadev Studio comprises seasoned veterans with a wealth of experience, poised to make waves with their visionary approach and unwavering passion. K-CASE Lawyer stands alongside Ikadev Studio, offering steadfast support as they continue to carve a distinctive mark in the realm of game development, embodying the spirit of creativity, collaboration, and progress.


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