Hungry Beast set to Devour PUBG Super League

In this month’s update, K-CASE Lawyer proudly shines a spotlight on our esteemed client, Boom Esports. As a leading force in the esports industry, Boom Esports has secured a coveted spot in the upcoming PUBG Mobile Super League 2024 (PMSL), marking a significant milestone in their competitive journey. The PMSL is the pinnacle of PUBG Mobile competition in the Southeast Asian region, and it not only showcases the prowess of Boom’s PUBG Mobile team but also positions them on the path to the PUBG Mobile Global Championship.

Boom Esports’ PUBG Mobile squad, under the expert legal guidance of K-CASE Lawyer, achieved remarkable success in the past year. The team emerged triumphant as the champions of the PUBG Mobile Pro League – Indonesia Spring 2023, solidifying their reputation as a dominant force in the esports arena. Additionally, their exceptional performance continued with a third-place finish in the PUBG Mobile Pro League – Indonesia Fall 2023. K-CASE Lawyer is honored to stand alongside Boom Esports as they continue to make waves in the esports landscape, showcasing excellence and determination on the path to global recognition.

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