BLP Beauty Starts off 2024 Strong!!

What could be more refreshing than finding out a success story to begin this amazing 2024?!

In this month’s Client’s Highlight, K-CASE Lawyers is proud to spotlight our esteemed client, PT Lizzie Parra Kreasi, known as “BLP” in the cosmetics industry of Indonesia. As of the end of 2023, BLP is on the verge of a spin-off under the name PT Parra Synergy Universa in order to better manage their business units as well as expand their operations.

BLP has also achieved remarkable success over the course of the year, securing multiple prestigious awards that underscore their commitment to producing high-quality cosmetic products.

Among the accolades received, BLP has been recognized by the Tokopedia Awards for their Butter Balm Cherry as the “Best Lip Colour,” and by Female Daily for their Lip Vinyl, named the “Best Lip Gloss.” Additionally, Beauty Fest Asia celebrated BLP’s Face Glow Sunnies as the “Best Highlighter,” while Cosmo Reader’s Choice Award honored their expertise with the title of “Best Face Powder.” The MSBB Award 2023 further highlighted BLP’s excellence, designating the BLP Eyeshadow Palette Daybreak as the “Favorite Eyeshadow.”

K-CASE Lawyers congratulates BLP on these well-deserved accomplishments and is honored to continue supporting their legal needs in the Indonesian cosmetics industry.


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