BLP Beauty Goes Global

BLP Beauty Goes Global

K-CASE Lawyer is pleased to announce the outstanding achievement of its client, PT Lizzie Para Kreasi (“BLP Beauty”), in the past month. BLP Beauty was appointed directly by the Ministry of Trade, in collaboration with the Indonesian Embassy in Paris and Tokopedia, to take part in the L’Adresse Trade Show. This show is part of Paris Fashion Week 2023, which was held from March 3-6 in Paris, France.

BLP Beauty has made history as the first local beauty brand representative to present its collection alongside other brands from the Southeast Asian region through the L’Adresse Trade Show – Paris Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2023. Under the theme “A Celebration of Southeast Asian Beauty,” BLP Beauty showcased the inspiration for the diversity of Indonesian women’s skin, combined with colorful landscapes and cultural touches from Flores, East Nusa Tenggara. This season’s various BLP makeup looks exude a dynamic feminine power, featuring bright colors derived from traditional motifs on hand-woven fabrics from Flores.

As BLP Beauty hopes to introduce its high-quality products to the international market and help the Indonesian cosmetics industry develop not only domestically, but also in other countries, including being accepted by the global market share, this exhibition was a significant step towards this goal. The

Minister of Trade, ZulkifliHasan, expressed that the government would facilitate more business actors to develop their businesses and seize opportunities in the export market, which is a positive outlook for local brands like BLP Beauty.

K-CASE Lawyer congratulates BLP Beauty for its achievement in representing Indonesia on an international platform and hopes to continue supporting the company in its future endeavors.

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