1. Company Business Field ConsultationĀ 

  2. Company Establishment DeedĀ 

  3. Creation of Cover Notes

  4. Handling the legalization at the Ministry of Law and Human Rights Decree

  5. Management of the Company's Tax ID (NPWP) and Tax Registration Letter (SKT).

  6. Handling of Business Identification Number (NIB) and Online Single Submission (OSS)


Limited Partnership:

  1. Legal Consultation
  2. Deed of Establishment
  3. Certificate of Approval from the Ministry of Law and Human Rights


  1. Legal Consultation
  2. Deed of Establishment
  3. Certificate of Approval from the Ministry of Law and Human Rights
  4. Management of Tax ID (NPWP)

In the context of retainer services, K-CASE offers comprehensive legal protection to companies for specified durations.

Our clients have access to on-demand, in-house legal services on a monthly basis at predetermined costs, as per our mutually agreed terms.

This service empowers clients to leverage the expertise of seasoned attorneys who engage directly with the company, actively supporting its daily business operations.


We provide advisory, registration, licensing, franchising, and dispute settlement for all the ranges of IP recognized in Indonesia, which are:

  1. Copyright
  2. Trademark
  3. Patent
  4. Geographical Indications
  5. Industrial Design
  6. Integrated Circuit Design
  7. Trade Secret
  8. Plant Variety


  1. K-CASE is not an app or a service agent that matchmaking you with some random lawyers or notaries around your area. We are a group of highly educated attorneys practicing the law to solve legal problems creatively.
  2. Hiring someone to work as a legal staff is more costly compared to hiring us who work for your company as a group. We have experts in business law, employment law, and litigation that you can access by a single contract. We acknowledged that the first year after establishing a new company is a critical time where much money spent and a lot of legal problems encountered during this time. Spend your budget for your legal needs wisely.
  3. As a well-known law firm for startups, our business connection provides you valuable opportunity to scale up your business. Starting from government, high profile founders, and international business associations, our law firm has these doors open as we are happy to share this access to scale up and solve your legal issues.