In this type of service, K-CASE provides a full package legal protection to the company for a certain period. The client enjoys in-house legal services every month on-demand and at predefined costs for the agreed-upon. In this service, the client benefits from highly experienced lawyers to work directly for the client's company in doing its business activities daily.

Legal problems and business opportunities may occur unexpectedly; our lawyers will always be available to give legal assistance for such a situation. Client will be provided regular legal administration service and legal opinion support from K-CASE Lawyer daily. In addition to that, K-CASE Lawyer also provides regulation updates that are vital for business owners to predict trends and their business developments in the future. Regulation update made in a document consists of new regulations and legal opinions from us in how to adjust the business with the future law. Such an update is prepared according to the client's business line and will be shared at the beginning of each month. 

K-CASE Lawyer has all access to national laws, government regulations, and every existing regulation in Indonesia.


Every business has legal aspects, you just don’t realize that.

  1. Do you know the mandatory to notify the Ministry of Manpower within 30 days after the establishment of your PT?
  2. Do you know how to calculate profit and dividend from your business legally?
  3. Do you know that every year you must conduct the annual general meeting of shareholders?
  4. Do you know what the Good Corporate Governance is?
  5. Do you know that every company must report its investment activity to the government every three months?

The truth is:

  1. Maybe your profit and dividend from your business are bigger than your personal calculation.
  2. If your company is a PT and you don’t run your company based on company law, your company will act like a human and sue you back in the future.
  3. All your expectation of scaling up your business will remain a dream if the government shuts your company.

Most owners will contact lawyers when they have a situation, and sometimes it was too late. It is wise to prevent the situation where legal problems haunt your business.


By using this service you don’t need to hire a law school graduate for your legal needs. Your company will be handled by at least 4 (four) professional lawyers with a price that worth only 1 (one) employee.

In this type of service K-CASE and the client agree on a certain period of legal service as retainer.  In such situation, the client benefits from the highly experienced lawyer to work directly for client’s company in doing its business activities. Client will be provided legal administration service and legal opinion support from K-CASE in daily basis for specified time. For the agreed upon, the client enjoys in-house legal services every month on demand and at predefined costs. Contact us for further information.