Local Expertise, Global Professional Standard

If You are an Owner of:

  1. A scale-up Indonesian company intending to expand your market globally, or
  2. A micro-multinational enterprise with material resources, manufacturers, and marketplaces located in three different countries, or
  3. A director of a foreign company considering Indonesia as your next investment destination.

The length of risk invariably follows the length of scope in an international transaction; a group of globally experienced lawyers is all that you need to secure your business.

International business requires distinctive treatment; using Domestic Contract Law for International Trade is not popular because:

  1. The complexity of the national conflict laws regime tends to make the parties challenging to predict which contract will be applicable for the transaction. Specialists can establish the applicable contract, but hiring specialists is often costly and time-consuming.

  2. A domestic contract is also unsuitable for international trade; it does not usually contain solutions for some critical issues in international business such as turnkey contracts, letters of intent, and any requirement related to the combined risk of transportation.

In drafting an international trade contract, there would be fragmentation clauses (sales, leasing, assignment, manufactory) and allocation risk (formation, validity, interpretation, computation of damages) that must be carefully determined. Such a contract requires a detailed background and contract interpretation. Additionally, the nature of international soft laws such as the Principle of International Commercial Contract (PICC) and the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG) should also be considered in case there are conditions do not have stipulated and fall to foreign legal jurisdiction. Our lawyers have a deep understanding of handling cross border transactions and the nature of international legal instruments.

Our international lawyers also have a valuable position at some of the international business associations, namely:

  1. Malaysia China Chamber of Commerce

  2. Yunnan Overseas Chinese Association,

  3. Japanese External Trade Organization (JeTro), and

  4. Australia Indonesia Business Council (AIBC).